Tuesday, June 3, 2008

"Kimbo " and "Colossus"-Answers

Photo by: (Rich Schultz / Associated Press / May 31, 2008)

Kevin Ferguson
"Kimbo Slice" fought in the main event fight with "Colossus" James Thompson on Elite XC's: "Primetime" card on May 31st in the Heavyweight class.

Kimbo Slice" Ferguson (3-0
has been both criticized and complimented.

The questions surrounding him: "Can Ferguson hold his own against a well-rounded mixed martial artist?" and "Can Ferguson last three entire rounds with a well conditioned opponent?".

Ferguson's conditioning had not yet been tested, as his first two professional fights lasted only a combined 62 seconds.

The answer to the first question: "Yes"

Everyone wanted to know if Ferguson could survive on the ground if a fighter was to take him down. Although Thompson is not known for his ground game, he was able to take the fight to the ground several times throughout the fight. There lies the answer itself, to both questions. Ferguson can survive on the ground once put there. He was able to get up when taken down, although receiving punishment from "Colossus" while on the canvas, "Kimbo" survived to the 3rd and final round.

James "Colossus" Thompson (14-9-0).
Although he has better than a .500 record, he has lost three of his last four fights by rapid knockout. 3 loses in 3 minutes, the "Colossus" is know for rushing his opponent and trading punches immediately.

The questions surrounding James Thompson: "Can Thompson's chin survive the onslaught of powerful and well placed strikes that "Kimbo" will bring to the cage?" and "Will Thompson charge across the ring, or will he bring a thought-out game-plan to the fight?"

Again: The answer is "Yes" to both questions.

Thompson ate at least one variation of everything Ferguson threw his way, yet his chin and his legs lasted until the 3rd and final round. We saw Thompson throwing punches, attempting and succeeding with take-downs. I don't know how many people predicted this fight to last three rounds, I was not one of them.

The fight, although not without a controversial ending, did answer questions. I feel the fight did give the public the opportunity to see Ferguson on the ground, pushed to his training abilities. Whether we as fans and spectators liked what we saw, or did not see, questions were answered.


And Remember, "Life is a fight, Train for it!"

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